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Thus, taking into account all above mentioned we can conclude that there are many different programs of drug rehabilitation and all of them have own advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion the “New Life program” can help people in prison to destroy their old life with drugs and find new way of life. As a conclusion of this essay I want to say that rehabilitation in prison is very important and the correction of criminality does not depend on punishment, but straight depends on renewal for the criminal of self-esteem.

On this account every step of the program of drug rehabilitation must be executed exactly how it is fixed. All steps of the program are executed in the set sequence. In according to the previous words I want to add that every step is intended for the receipt of certain results and achievements. The prosecution of awareness of the errors and correction of them begin in the first days in prison. For example, first steps of work are based on the individual support. The developed program deserves the special attention on the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Public resentment is also fired by weaknesses in the provision of similar services in the community. Drug rehabilitation, for example, is widely believed to be more easily accessible in prison than outside.

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Nowadays there are many people who are interested in the topic of rehabilitation in prison. This topic is widely discussed in different circles of our society and different variations of this problem solving are proposed. The main purpose of this essay is to look at various types of rehabilitation in prison and discuss them in more details.

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First of all it is necessary to look at the notion “prison rehabilitation” and understand its meaning. In my opinion we should look at roots of this problem and our analysis will describe this notion in a right way. This term has a barbaric origin and it was appeared many years ago in the medieval dungeon and torture chamber. Despite of these medieval traditions prisons have combined different elements of punishment with elements of rehabilitation and prisons have had dual character. People of that time understood the necessity of punishment with an aim to discipline the body but also to combine it with another element of punishment with an aim to discipline the mind or the “soul”. There were developed many programs of rehabilitation in prison from the medieval period. I want to pay our attention on the specific but widespread problem with drugs. The program of rehabilitation should include the strict row of concrete steps that intended in order that a person could break off to accept drugs and begin to live without drugs.

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Nonetheless, there has been much criticism about the level of rehabilitation that actually occurs in the UK's prisons, mainly due to a lack of funding for these programmes and prison overcrowding, which hampers effective delivery of many schemes.

But I think the biggest problem is the failure to address the recidivism rate, the fact we return a lot of these folks to prison again and again. We don’t have good rehabilitation in those prisons. We don’t profile them when they first come in as a prisoner in a state prison who have been conflicted as a felony, and then when they go back out on the street, we don’t do anything to follow them or place them in jobs that they can they can

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