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9/16/2005 · An admission essay for the MBA program at Pace University.

Decisions are granted on a rolling basis throughout the cycle until the class is filled. We may contact academically eligible applicants via e-mail to schedule an interview (provided space is still available). Decisions include: Offer of Admission, Denied Admission, Hold for Grades and Waitlist.

The admission essay decides whether you will get an admission or not and you can say that this is not true you need to stop and think that there are thousands of applicants applying for an admission to the very same university as you; we are sure that there will be many individuals that will have the same credentials as you do and that is where your admission essay comes in. The admission essay decides which one of the two students with the matching GPAs and SAT scores get a place in college. If you have a university in mind that you want to go to, then you have to have a stunning admission essay ready.

Sep 16, 2005 · An admission essay for the MBA program at Pace University.

Pace University Law School Admissions- A must read.

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