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The settlement of Jamestown and the colony of Virginia did not come easily. King James I and members of the Virginia Company of London both set specific instructions and guidelines for settlement. Many of these documents, including the original charters for Virginia, are available with explanations at this independent website.

Experience the drama and excitement of the Jamestown settlement by way of maps, pictures, firsthand accounts, legal documents, and essays at this University of Virginia website. This virtual tour is divided into categories, each with its own links and images. There are writings from George Percy and John Smith as well as letters from John Rolfe and Bartholomew Gosnold. Images include engravings and maps from the period, such as John Smith's map of Virginia. A wealth of primary information tells the tale of Jamestown and the early days of the Virginia colony.

Free Essays on Jamestown Settlement. Get help with your writing. 1 through 30

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