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McCarthyism was the fear of communism which spread across America in the 1950's. The hysteria of the american citizens was due to the threat that communism would spread across the globe. This is when the paranoia began to start. During this period the FBI accused many people of communism thus meaning that the accused suffered from job loss and many of their lives, as they knew, were destroyed. The movement took the name from the anti-communist leader Joseph McCarthy. Salem Witch Trials The late 1940s & 50s saw the increase of anti-communist sentiment throughout America which created a Red Scare in which McCarthyism exploded leading to the loss of many jobs particularly in the entertainment industry. Parallels ~ McCarthy was delusional as were the girls; with both sets of people making unsubstantiated claims regarding the existence of evil with no proof.

~ McCarthy's claims ruined lives and caused tension throughout America, similarly the claims which the girls made in Salem increased hostility in the village.

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