Cowart, David. 33, 2 (Spring 1996) pp 171-84 [sub ser, questia].

 A extended discussion of Walker's themes and biography. From the educational publisher .

Jack McCarthy (1939-2013) left us on January 17, 2013. He died peacefully at home after a long fight with cancer. If you ever got to hear Jack read, you remembered it forever - he was so warm, engaging, profound and often very funny. Moon Pie Press is very proud to have published one of Jack's poetry books, ; all his books are wonderful.

A retired working guy from Boston who got serious about poetry late in life, calls himself a "standup poetry guy"; others have called him "legend." He has been featured at venues all over the U.S., in Canada and Europe. The Boston Globe: "In the poetry world, he's a rock star." Stephen Dobyns calls him "one of the wonders of contemporary poetry." He has been on two national slam teams and brought out 5 books of poetry and 2 CDs. Among other prizes, he won the haiku championship at the Individual World Poetry Slam. He lives with his wife, the fabulous Carol, in Lake Stevens, Washington. Jack's website is .

In addition to writing poetry, has been a newspaper sportswriter, magazine editor, and advertising copywriter for print and broadcast. He once wrote a column decrying the outrageously high price of ringside Ali-Frazier tickets ($25). He likes writing poems because you can make up whatever you want, and you don't have to worry about deadlines (unless you agree to a book) or pleasing your client's relatives. Bob has lived fulltime in midcoast Maine since 1979 and aspires to be a native.

Discussion questions on the novel. Prof. Catherine Walker's web site.

Another word of appreciation is from the parents of the first year student, Anju Das, when he and his parents visited the premises of the university and got astonished with the infrastructure facilities of the university. They said that Dr. K. N. Modi University is the best university in Rajasthan. They have seen many institutions in the state but not as ours. They also appreciated the modesty of our faculties, the accommodation facilities, the hostel facilities and so on. In whole, they are full appeased with the friendly environment of the university.

Our list of poets includes (click on a name to open a bio):

“The staffs are one of the main reasons I am proud to say my son is attending DKNMU. I greatly appreciate their assistance and look forward to the next four years and developing a friendship with rest of the staff at DKNMU."

Sarnowski, Joe. 48, 3 (Summer 2012) [sub ser, questia].

"When our son was accepted to DKNMU we were excited, but worried about him leaving home for the first time. The two day Orientation put every fear we had to ease. Everyone here made us feel like it was HOME. There is no doubt in our mind that our son made the right choice to attend DKNMU. We are confident that the University experience he is getting here at DKNMU is like no other! Thank you

“My daughter attending DKNMU has been one of the best experiences Ihave had as a father. The staff contributed a great deal in her lifeand brought out some of her best qualities. A child attending DKNMUis something that every parent should experience.

Cutter, Martha J.   25, 3/4 (Autumn/Winter 2000) pp 161-80 [preview, jstor].

Whitsitt, Sam. Fall 2000 [sub ser, questia].

lives with her family and way too many cats in the mountains of central Maine. She is a writer, a teacher, a musician, a gardener and a bicyclist in her spare time.

A Critical Analysis | The Color Purple

has lived in Maine for the past 35 years. She was born in Massachusetts, and has also lived in Connecticut and Rhode Island - a true New Englander, if not native Mainer. She started writing in high school but life got in the way of writing regularly until she was in her late 40s, when she not only discovered amateur theater, but also Ted and Ruth Bookey of Readfield, Maine. They were instrumental in gathering together a group of poets, including George VanDeventer, who published her first book, BELGRADE, JUST ANOTHER MAINE TOWN. Ted and Ruth encouraged her poetry, teaching her much about the craft of writing. She lives in Belgrade, Maine with daughter Kate close by. She shares her home with assorted dogs, cats and Muscovy ducks.

Exploring Literature. SUNY Westchester Community critical essays on alice walker edited by ikenna dieke …. pdf text version

Life moved fast since 's previous Moon Pie Press publication, (2007). Jim has completed a master's degree in theology, become a grandfather, and written his poetry mostly on the run. Trips to Portugal (the Azores) and Israel expanded his horizons and informed some of his work. He continues to contribute his expertise to the field of addiction while keeping one eye on retirement. He has had poems published in small presses and (the now closed) Bangor Theological Seminary's "The Open Door." His pursuit of the muse is not only through writing, but also in playing music. He has a volunteer gig as a DJ for Colby College radio and identifies with Bob Dylan's words where "... beauty walks a razor's edge, some day I'll make it mine."

Oct 19, 2008 · Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple deserved every laudatory word it has received

, third Poet Laureate of Portland 2011-2013, former English teacher at Scarborough High School, edited a recent anthology, . He is the author of (Moon Pie Press 2008) as well as three other poetry collections and an anthology of high school poetry. He lives in Falmouth with his partner Myles and son Matthew. He is working on a new book about teachers to incorporate creative writing in the new standards based curriculum, Putting the Art Back in Language Arts. He just completed a novel titled The Deception of the Thrush.