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I choose to compare “In the Combat Zone” Leslie Silko and “Just walk on by” Brent Staples. I felt that these essays had so much in common; they are both dealing with discrimination and false judgment. Their essays have several experiences and have similarities as well; both are victims. The biggest difference I see is that one is a man and the other is a woman, so because of it their situations are different.

Both essays ''Just Walk on By'' and ''In the Combat Zone'' written by Brent Staples and Leslie Silko, they are very different. Silko is a woman she always talks about the discrimination that there is towards women. Her whole essay is about the dangers women face on a daily basis. Brent Staples's essay is about the discrimination he faces as an african american. Both situations are extremely different yet they have so much in common they show us the discrimination they faced and how the were able to deal with it.

Silko is judged as being weak, vulnerable, and defenseless so she deals with it in an aggressive way and Staples does it in a passive way, that’s the biggest difference in these essays. Both Staple’s and Silko’s essays have a lot in common, both dealing with being falsely judged, and it puts them in risk. It’s unfortunate, because this happens all the time with both men and women; with all races. People have to adapt to it and be cautious, that’s how we all deal with it, some of us like Brent Staples, being passive or like Leslie Silko, defending themselves, aggressively.

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Claude Lewis writes of One of the reasons that Stapless book is so powerful is his insistence on facing complex and unflattering portraits of his family members as they existed, instead of as he might have wanted them to be. It is Brent Stapless terrifying honesty that propels this book to its conclusion. Lewis also notes: The story is delivered with warmth and affection but not a hint of sentimentality. The words are searing and painful, probing and direct. The story evolves masterfully, and the reader finds comfort in the realization that he is in the hands of an extraordinary storyteller who offers the unvarnished truth about his family and the distant relationships between blacks and whites.

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To me it’s interesting how both authors dealt with society, Staples is trying to seem less threatening, while Silko wants people to be intimidated by her. “We must destroy the myth that women are born to be easy targets.” (810) I don't agree with Silko's method of being aggressive by using weapons; I think is too extreme,sh is not lowering the violence. She could end up in a worst situation for using guns, it just makes me wonder; maybe she has deeper issues. On the other hand Brent Staples desicion of being passive is alot better. His decision is mature and it will help him, without harming someone or putting himself in more danger.

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Brent Staples deals with the same, even though at the beginning of the essay we think the women as the victim, right away we realize that he is the ‘real’ victim. People fear him when he’s walking in the streets at night. The reason they fear him is because of his race and gender; He is immediately judged. Without thinking twice they consider him as dangerous, he mentions an incident where he was crossing by a car and “Elicit the thunk, thunk, thunk of the driver.” (218) I find it ironic that they all feared him, when he was the actual victim of discrimination.

''In the Combat Zone'' by Leslie Silko and ''Just Walk on by'' by Brent Staples, these two authors can be considered as the ‘victims’, even though they never actually say that they are. For example, Leslie Silko compares women’s life to a “Combat Zone” by that she means that women always have to be aware of the danger around them; Men may seem women as weak. Staples on the other hand is judged as a dangerous person, becasuse of his race and gender; he has to take cautions as well, that is the way he is able to defend himself.

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Brent Staples (1951- ) was born in Chester, Pennsylvania and earned a B.A. from Widener University in 1973 and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1977. He has taught psychology at various colleges and has been a reporter for and , where he currently writes editorials about culture and politics. Staples also contributes to other periodicals, including , , and the . Among his frequent topics are race relations, the effects of the media, and the state of education. His memoir (1994)won the Anisfield-Wolff Book Award in 1995. "Just Walk On By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space" takes a look at the effect some of his nighttime walks have had on people. This essay was first published as "Black Men and Public Space" in 1986 in . .

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With his work as an editorial writer for the and his memoir Brent Staples hopes to shatter some longstanding stereotypes about what it means to be an African-American. The holder of one of journalisms most prestigious jobs, Staples has succeeded in a mostly-white profession not because he is black but because he can write well. His editorials range across the entire spectrum of American life, and his critically acclaimed memoir was inspired by such eminent white authors as novelists Frank Conroy and Saul Bellow, and white journalist Russell Baker. As an author Staples is crusading to shatter the myth that the black experience is defined by poverty, violence, and crime. I despise the expression [black experience], Staples told the Knight Ridder wire service. There is no such thing. Black peoples lives in this country are too varied to be reduced to a single term.

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One of those richly varied lives belongs to Brent Staples. He emerged from a blue collar childhood to attend college at Widener University and graduate school at the University of , where he earned a doctorate degree in psychology. Rejecting the standard academic career, he became a journalist, essayist, and book reviewer with one of the nations best known newspapers, the Addressing the issue of race as it affects his writing, Staples told the Knight Ridder wire service: Being black enriches my experience; it doesnt define me Im writing about universal themesfamily and leaving home and developing your own identitywhich all Americans can enjoy and understand.